Pilferage Power losses in Pakistan

Pakistan W.A.P.D.A. (Water and Power Development Authority) is providing electricity to all sectors of life since 1958. W.A.P.D.A. have a good quality of engineers in its every field. The load growth is being studied carefully and the projects of new power generation is designed and implemented in true spirit. One factor that mostly effected the load management is the power line losses. These line losses consist of

  1. Technical Losses
  2. Pilferage Losses

W.A.P.D.A. (P.E.P.C.O., Pakistan Electric Power Company) is doing a lot of contribution to overcome the technical losses which includes energy loss reduction program, up-gradation of HT/LT conductors  and augmentation of distribution transformers etc.

The pilferage losses have a very great challenge to the P.E.P.C.O.  Every month, there is millions of rupees loss sustained due to this.

The previous year corresponding month line losses of each 11 KV feeder is considered to be the target for the present year for which a lot of different factitious methods are adopted to show the losses lesser.

The main sources of the pilferage losses are misuse of electric energy by the notorious personals. To overcome this situation the remedial measures to be adopted are

  1. To ensure the proper metering of W.A.P.D.A. employees and to restricted them to the free unit allowed. The use of cooking heaters and supply of illegal connections to neighbors should be completely banned and necessary disciplinary action be proposed to W.A.P.D.A. employees involved.
  2. The provincial government administration, law enforcing agencies, judiciary and all other provincial government officials may be charged on flat rate and deduction of bills be implemented through provincial government source from the royalty of power generation.
  3. The big/influential consumers may be highlighted in on each feeder and they should be charged according to their connected load on flat rate.
  4. A C.T. operated meter may be installed on 400/200 KV general duty transformer, one in each sub-division of DISCO’s to monitor the line losses on the bad reputed area. Initially on the calculated losses the transformer shall be privatized according to the bid . This practice should be continued.
  5. The direct hooks used by the culprits may  be caught red handed and to be charged in the utility courts, for which law may be adopted from parliament.
  6. The industrial consumers especially having connected load less than 40 KV be monitored and like fixed charges the energy used may be fixed at minimum level.
  7. The tube well consumers may be converted on solar system by providing them the solar panels to the farmers and deduct the payments in installments in their monthly bills.
  8. The domestic/commercial consumers connected load are much higher than the sanctioned load, which may be surveyed and uploaded in the system for accurate load calculation and enhance the security charges.

By adopting the above remedial measures the illegal power load shall be minimized and over burden on the system shall be reduced and improved the pilferage line losses situation in Pakistan.